Membership Information

Page updated 7 September 2018.
The purpose of the Association is to further the social, educational, physical and psychological well-being of senior citizens, 50 years of age and older, and visitors in the same age bracket.

Our Motto: A complete and full life for seniors.

A $40 annual membership to the Coronado Senior Association is available for all seniors 50+, regardless whether or not they are residents of the City of Coronado. Membership period runs from January 1 until December 31.
  • May vote on all Association issues.
  • May enjoy all privileges offered by the Association.
  • Shall be eligible to include personal guests at any function, subject to space availability.


Visitors, ages fifty or above, may join for one year for $40, or pay $5 per event per person.

Forms and Fees

CLICK HERE to view and/or download a new membership/renewal form. Fill it out as you view it and then print it out at home. Next write a check for $40, payable to the Coronado Senior Association, and send it to the Senior Association or just bring it by.